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About Scientific and Industrial Enterprise «OMiTex»

The scope of activities of Scientific and Industrial Enterprise «OMiTex» Ltd. (SIE «OMiTex») activity comprises: complex engineering services in the process of development, inspection of technical condition of the existing networks and communication facilities, development of the feasibility study, construction and commissioning of communication and monitoring systems, including:

The system integration and management of projects into areas:

wireless communication systems, included protected wireless communication systems and radiorelay systems;
digital PABX and corporate telephone systems with use of IP-telephony;
integrated computer systems and networks, structured cable system;
automatic addressed fire alert system;
systems of civil defense notification signals, loud fire announcement;
automated systems of early detection of extreme situations on objects of extreme danger and notifications of people in case of their occurrence;

SIE «OMiTex» carries out a full complex of works "turnkey":

research of object and audit of different communications network and monitoring systems;
development of the feasibility report;
system integration, preparation of the technical project;
design engineering with calculation of estimates, coordination of the project
delivery of licensed software products;
elaboration and implementation of software for specific orders;
delivery and customs clearing of the equipment;
installation and adjustment of systems different communications network and monitoring systems;
start-up and adjustment works and commissioning of the system in conformity with acting legislation, building norms and rules of Ukraine;
training of employees of the Customer;
technical support, guarantee support, service;
acting as the general contractor, field supervision;
use of SIE OMiTex's industrial base for performance of projects in territory of Ukraine.

SIE «OMiTex»'s competitive advantage is the ability to provide the Customer with the comprehensive package of services at each stage of project realization. This allows us offering all possible options to fulfill Customer's request reaching the best cost/quality/performance ratio.

Activity is carried out on the basis of a full package of licenses, certificates and permits required for designing and introducing "turnkey" different communication networks and monitoring systems, including building activity, design, integration, authorised supervision, chief-mounting and installation of telecommunications systems, designing, installation, maintenance service of means of fire-prevention protection and estimation of a fire-prevention condition of objects, work execution in 30- and 10-kilometre zone, works in the field of cryptographic and technical protection of confidential information, work with information which represents a state secret, implementing of holographic protection elements with the right to carry out works with holographic protection elements, for using the radio frequencies and activity in the field of communication in the territory of Ukraine, for SIE OMiTex's right to manufacture radio equipment and its realization, of SIE «OMiTex» trademark for products and services.

It is necessary to note, that during many years the radio network of the "Shelter" Object, (specifically constructed by OMiTex in 2000 inside this Object for maintenance of functioning radios delivered to us within the framework of the SIP project), operates under our licensed radio frequencies, and the Chernobyl NPP and the "Shelter" Object are users of this our trunking communication networks «OMiTex-ТРАНКiНГ-УКРАїНА» on extremely favorable conditions. We have the centers of technical support due to which we can provide minimal time of reaction during guarantee and technical support for the systems of communications established by us and communication.


Новостная лента

[16 ноября 2016 года ]

Вітання з нагоди Дня працівника радіо, телебачення та зв’язку

[16 ноября 2016 года ]

Вітання з нагоди Дня працівника радіо, телебачення та зв’язку

[11 июня 2016 года ]

Поздравляем стратегического партнера, компанию Rohill!

[9 мая 2016 года ]

Поздравляем с Днем Победы!

[11 марта 2016 года ]

Рішення TETRA для розгортання в містах координаційно-командних комплексів -ситуаційних центрів.

[10 февраля 2016 года ]

Мобільний комутатор TetraNode Mobile- Мобільний Вузол Зв"язку

[31 января 2016 года ]

Cтандарт TETRA - базова технологія для організації системи захищеного зв"язку

[30 января 2016 года ]

С наступающим Новым годом и Рождеством Христовым!

[3 января 2016 года ]

Поздравляем всех с Новым годом и Рождеством Христовым !!

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